Interview Bloody Cuts Part 2: Dead Man’s Lake – The Client Brief

Color Correcting Dead Man’s Lake

In Part 2 we get down to specifics… what do Ben and Anthony want from the color correction of the sixth installment in their horror short film anthology series, Dead Man’s Lake?

This Skype call was originally recorded to be part of the paid color grading training series Dead Man’s Lake: The Grade-Along (more details here). But we decided instead to drop this in the Tao of Color Podcast feed since many young and aspiring colorists might find our conversation interesting – with insights into the typical concerns and issues that need to be addressed before a single frame of footage is color corrected.

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Interview: Colorist Warren Eagles, Part 2

“What Makes A Great Colorist?”

Warren Eagles, Colorist, Founder -

At the fresh age of 17, Warren started his career working with images as a photographer for women’s underwear catalogues.

He moved on to working at several post houses around London before earning the opportunity to work as an assistant in a Telecine suite. His first professional gig as a colorist was in 1988 on Michael Jackson’s Bad World Tour.

Since then he’s:
  • Spent time watching Guy Ritchie’s telly whilst discussing the look for “Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels”
  • Worked on Australia’s first Digitally graded feature film “Blurred”
  • Is now a freelance Colorist in Australia and Asia, has his own grading suite, and is a founding partner of the International Colorist Academy.

You can find Warren at:


In Part 2 of Warren’s Interview we discuss:

  • The advantage of a more relaxed color grading schedule
  • Grading a feature film
  • Warren’s color grading workflow
  • Evaluating the image
  • Identifying the focal point of a shot
  • Creating “Looks”
  • Trying to match the visual production values of major television shows
  • The impact of a camera’s codec on the Color Grading process
  • Color Correcting DSLR footage
  • Mixing RED with DSLR
  • RED DPs needing to grade their dailies
  • Thoughts on the kinds of cameras we’ll see at NAB 2011
  • Warren’s current business
  • Being a freelance colorist
  • Warren’s color grading kit (Show Notes have links to mentioned products)
  • Working with new clients
  • ICA’s different training options
  • Why you should learn to create different Looks
  • The future for professional colorists
  • Warren’s upcoming online DaVinci Resolve training!

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