This is the first industry newsletter that I actually rush to my email on Sunday to check for. I have so much junk mail that never informs me of anything, but the Tao has seriously ignited my already burning crave to be a colorist.

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Issue CDLXXII: The DCTL Edition

The Tao of Color Grading Newsletter

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From The Publisher
Thank you to all the readers who wrote to me two weeks ago. You had a unanimous consensus and encouraged me to take a weekend off. So I did. I needed that!

We are back, with an update to DaVinci Resolve, the ASC talking HDR, some DCTL goodness, and a bunch of Fun(nies) that aren't funny - or even fun; but they are interesting.

Note: For those you who didn't understand what that AARP card meant last week: It's sent to Americans when you are approaching retirement age'. Like aging, getting that card in your mailbox is inevitable. (sigh)

Happy Grading!

I'll see you next Sunday.
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- Patrick Inhofer
Colorist | Publisher | Coach

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The Craft
Featuring the work of creative craftsmen, the theory of color, and industry news. Learn practical workflows, useful theories, and actionable insights from existing (and emerging) leaders and teachers in our industry.
A round-up of links related to becoming a better colorist (somehow, this Newsletter never makes that list...).
Written for still photographers, digital cinema colorists will also find this advice useful - especially if your project has a goal of looking 'stylized'.
(videos) Embedded in this blog post are the first two previously recording webinar series featuring "in-depth interviews with Society members providing the cinematographer’s perspective on today’s most pertinent topics." The topics for both webinars: High Dynamic Range acquisition and delivery. (via Dan Moran)

"We spoke to Richard . . . to discuss the advances in ILM StageCraft 2.0 that were used for the new LED stage built for the second season. The new stage is not only bigger, but the team pioneered new techniques that could have a profound effect on how such stages are conceived moving forward."

(video) I've only sampled a few portions of this discussion but it looks interesting.

A recent question brought up this thread of useful resources for the scientifically-inclined colorist.

Flanders Scientific XM310K Professional HDR Grading Display
The XM310K has a peak luminance of 3,000cd/m2 making it one of the brightest HDR mastering monitors on the market.

It supports both PQ and HLG EOTFs, multiple color gamut selections, and a contrast ratio in excess of 3,000,000:1. The XM310K is ideal for a wide variety of demanding HDR workflows.
The Tools
Our craft keeps changing. And growing. Learn about updates to your favorite software. Discover new tools to help you work faster or more creatively. Build your toolchest with new techniques and approaches. 

This link is to the changelog. One unexpected item is making the local collaboration workflow available on the free version of Resolve.

(video) If you haven't heard of these external software scopes or seen them in action, this is a good place to start. I've been running them recently, with good results.
This Tuesday is a Livestream of the machine learning color grading app, Colourlab AI, as it gets an update. Registration is required. Tuesday, February 23, 2021, at 10 am PST

This is a set of four webinars where you will learn all the fundamental features in Mistika. The first session was already presented, but I betch'a that first webinar is available for viewing if you sign up.

(video) A pithy video that shows you how to do what the headline promises.

(video) Like the headline says.

(webinar) This Blackmagic webinar will get you up and writing DCTLs for Resolve. May 9, 10 am PT. (via Robbie Carman)

"This simple Python script, run as an Automator workflow on macOS, or in a command prompt on Windows, is designed to fix some problems that arise when using interpreted footage in Premiere. This can cause conform issues in Resolve, where even after interpreting the files the same way, instances of the clips that have been retimed will not conform to the right timecode or play at the right speed." (via Joey D'Anna)

" is launching Camera to Cloud (C2C), a secure camera-to-cloud workflow that lets customers instantly upload and stream images from on-set cameras to creative post-production teams anywhere in the world." Click through for details and embedded video demos.

This technical guide starts by assuming you're not very knowledgeable about the dailies workflow. It then shows how gains efficiencies (ie, shorten/eliminate the lag between acquisition and editorial). It also discusses the new C2C Cloud Devices. What do I like the best? Their marketing team didn't dip into the 'AI' moniker. Not once.

In case you find yourself with an assistant station running the new Apple CPU: "Is that shiny new M1 Mac acting flaky? To check the hardware to see if you’re having any issues, diagnostics mode is very useful."

Get it done, Faster, Better and Cheaper with the OWC Flex 8
OWC's New Award-Winning ThunderBay Flex 8 Powerhouse Solution Is Now Shipping

This Industry-first Thunderbolt™ 3 storage, docking, and PCIe expansion solution (with 85w charging) is dollar for dollar, the best way for serious media professionals to handle their storage, connectivity, and PCIe expansion needs.

All eight bays can utilize SATA 6Gb/s 2.5-inch SSDs or 3.5-inch HDDs. To take advantage of 40Gb/s PCIe technology, the top four bays are NVMe U.2 SSD ready.

The OWC ThunderBay Flex 8 is a recipient of the 2020 Future Best of Show Award, presented by Video Edge. Video Edge awarded the ThunderBay Flex 8 their Special Edition Best of Show Award in the store, charge and connect category.
Learn more at
Pushing Photons
These stories are from's membership Library of color grading articles, tutorials, and podcasts (Tao Of Color is co-Owner). Do you want to read a story listed here but not a member? Sign up for a free 7-Day Test Drive.​​​ There's also color correction Practice Projects for purchase.

(video) "Today's Agenda: What do digital video post production professionals need to consider when buying a storage solution for their digital media?"

(video) "We sit down with renowned documentary colorist Evan Anthony and talk about his start, work and more!"

"In the last installment of this series on the essentials of look development, colorist Cullen Kelly guides you through the concept of preferential color mapping."

"Learn the basics of 3D printing, and how you can use it to improve your post production environment with custom upgrades."

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Gear Heads
Stay updated on the latest hardware that's shipping - because the craft of color grading isn't just about software. Plus, keep an eye on future equipment trends and hardware odds-and-ends.

"The 2TB of RAM capacity may not be a factor for DaVinci Resolve, but the extra memory channels definitely do appear to improve performance. Even more important is the 128 PCIe Gen4 lanes since it is not uncommon for DaVinci Resolve workstations to have multiple GPUs, network cards, NVMe drives, and other PCIe devices in the system."

Are you wondering if you can save $10,000 by tricking out an M1 MBP for your digital color grading duties?

You don't see this very often. Located in Germany.

Sunday Fun(nies)
Random thoughts, tidbits, and fun stuff that caught my attention this week. Maybe it's color grading related. Maybe not. Ya got'ta read to the end of the Newsletter to find out.

Wondering why it's hard to find GPUs for your main production rig? "[Iran] is now allegedly hosting 14 large mining farms that consume around 300 megawatts of power. This is comparable to the power consumption of a city with 100K inhabitants." That's a lot of GPUs.

Neither fun nor funny but informed digital professionals who don't want their browsing following them around need to know: "The process by which your browser caches these favicons means that even if you are using your browser’s incognito mode you are still able to be tracked, all your history is still intact and the private browsing session will be added to it." The Tor browser isn't susceptible to this behavior - and is an interesting way of surfing the internet.

If you're late to promoting yourself on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram then maybe you want try your hand at TikTok? "Unlock the awesome power of the most popular video-sharing app for your film and video clients and brands."

Th- th- th- that's all folks! I'll see you next Sunday.