“The Color Correction Handbook” Trivia Winner

The drawing is complete, the winner has been selected

Congratulations to Clay! He’s the winner of yesterday’s contest.

Here are the correct answers that got you in the final drawing:

  1. If you answered before 10:37am EST, the correct answer was: Brown Bark
  2. If you answered after 10:37am EST, the correct answer was: Potting Soil

Here are the 10 memory colors identified by C.J. Bartleson:

  • Red Brick
  • Green Grass
  • Dry Grass
  • Blue Sky
  • Flesh
  • Tan Flesh
  • Green Foliage
  • Evergreens
  • Inland Soil
  • Beach Sand

Read this post on the blog from the author of “Color Correction Handbook” for a complete explanation of the study of memory colors.

The permanent record for this drawing is over at random.org.

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