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Welcome! This is a special page showing one of what will be almost 30 Lessons in our Resolve 8 & Resolve 9 MasterClass Training and Mentoring program (currently with over 22 hours of video training).

Every Video lesson is accompanied by a page like this explaining the concepts we’ll be covering and what you should understand about DaVinci Resolve after watching the Lesson. Many Lessons also link out to other resources around the web that touch on the topic – often explaining it differently than I do to help ensure you fully understand the concepts being taught. Often, these Lesson Pages include download links for items specifically required to follow along with the Lesson (EDLs, XMLs, free footage from other websites, etc).

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DaVinci Resolve 9: How To Upgrade the Pain-Free Way (plus 5 favorite features)

Never forget: DaVinci Resolve 9 is a major upgrade

That means before established users of DaVinci Resolve jump head-first into Resolve 9, there are a few things you’ll want to do to make the process as pain-free as possible. And if you do encounter pain, you want to be able to reverse course, downgrade quickly, without having lost any of your projects. In the first 15 minutes of this Special Report, that’s what I’ll show you how to do.

In the remaining 35 minutes we’ll take a tour of Resolve 9 to get you familiar with the brand new UI. The idea is to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Resolve 9 has some great new features that you’ll want to get your hands on immediately and we need to remove the intimidation of a brand new interface.

DaVinci Resolve 9 Public Beta 1

Yup. This Special Report is covering the initial release of Resolve 9, which is officially still in Beta. I’ve been on the Private Beta of Resolve 9 for the past month… and using it on jobs. Yes, there have been a few sleepless nights as I found kinks in the new software, created detailed bug reports and then fallen back to Resolve 8 to get the job out the door. But once a few critical bugs were worked out, it’s been (relatively) smooth sailing since. And I have no hesitation using Resolve 9 on client jobs. But I do have a word of caution…

Beta software must be treated with respect – especially with paying clients

Our goal is a smooth color grading session. In this Beta cycle I managed to figure out the best way of upgrading to Resolve 9 that gave me the fewest problems. This process helped assure me that when I ran into a problem with Resolve 9, it was a problem the DaVinci team could reproduce. And when I didn’t follow my upgrade workflow, most of my bug reports would be worthless since the problem only existed on my machine. So, what is this secret sauce to a pain-free upgrade?

It’s the Database, Stupid!

The biggest problems I’ve had is when I upgraded an existing database and started working within that database. All sorts of funkiness would happen. Features wouldn’t work, buttons wouldn’t activate, projects would get flakey. The easiest way to avoid those problems?

  1. Create a brand-new fresh database
  2. Backup the old database
  3. Upgrade the old database
  4. Import any existing project into the new database.

In the first part of this Special Report, I’ll walk you through that process.

Where’d the (insert your favorite command here) go?

The remainder of this Special Report will get you oriented in Resolve 9. We’ll look at each of the main areas of the interface, figure out how DaVinci rearranged  things, and I’ll dig a little deeper into areas like the Render tab, Flags & Filtering and moving between your Timeline and the Master Timeline (formerly known as the Master Session).

This is just the beginning…

All the interface training in this MasterClass will be updated with the new Resolve 9 update. Up next on my Resolve 9 agenda is to re-do the Quick Start video in Week 1. Then, we’ll move forward from there. One thing to keep in mind – I’ve found that the really big differences between Resolve 8 and Resolve 9 isn’t the UI updates… you’ll get used to that in the first hour or two of grading. The really big changes are in starting a project, finishing a project and using Resolve as a dailies platform.

If you’re in the middle of this Masterclass and don’t want to upgrade to Resolve 9 until this training is fully updated to Resolve 9, I say: Don’ wait. Upgrade, continue with the MasterClass. Almost everything I’ve taught is relevant in Resolve 9 – only the organization of the icons has changed. So don’t be afraid to dig in!

Lesson Objectives

  • Understand how to upgrade to Resolve 9 as safely as possible.
  • Get you to take a look at the seriously excellent new Resolve 9 User Manual
  • Learn some of the renamed terminology.
  • Find the Config Page
  • Figure out how to Import / Export XMLs and AAFs
  • Get comfortable in the Color tab
  • Know how to find a shot in your Timeline back in the Master Timeline
  • Find the new Pre-built Looks in DaVinci Resolve 9
  • Get comfortable in the completely re-designed and much more powerful Render tab

Questions and Discussions

  • The Resolve 9 Upgrade discussion forum is here. Join the conversation! (only available to MasterClass members)

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