Why Advertise with the Tao of Color Grading Newsletter?

  • Do you want to put your message in front of post-production professionals who consider color correction important?
  • Do you want readers who notice your message because you support an independent newsletter run by professional colorists?
  • How about a publication with amazing WEEKLY open and click-through rates? Meaning… your message is getting seen 40+ times a year.

Welcome to the Tao of Color Newsletter! We give you all of the above, plus:

  • Metrics on our readers level of color correction savvy
  • Consistent Unique Open rate averaging 35%
  • Each unique open is averaging nearly 2 clicks per open

Our readers engage with our newsletter!

My feedback is, “Don’t Stop!” Brilliant newsletter, always filled with informative articles. Thank you for your contribution to our craft.”

– Blake B.

Who is reading your advertising?

Colorists, DPs, Finishing Editors – and their Assistants

Tao of Color is a niche brand catering to one segment of post-production video professionals: Colorists, Finishing Editors and a growing base of DPs. Everything the Tao does – newsletters, the blog, podcasts, free and paid training – is designed to expand this niche and help Colorists, Finishing Editors and DPs grow their careers and stay current on industry news, tips and workflows.

If your products or services help desktop (Mac & PC) Colorists, Finishing Editors or DPs (and their assistants) grow their careers or solve their unique hardware and software problems – then the Tao Of Color is for you.

A Newsletter Published Weekly

On . . . (wait for it) . . .  Sunday Mornings!

Who in their right mind publishes an industry newsletter on Sunday mornings (3am Eastern)?

  • Someone who wants to cut through the industry clutter.
  • Someone who counter-programs by ensuring the Newsletter covers all aspects of a career-oriented post-production professional – without overwhelming the reader with advertising.

That’s right – when most other newsletter and corporate communication has taken the day off… our newsletter is designed for a leisurely Sunday morning scan linking out to:

  • Color grading-related tutorials
  • Product reviews
  • Hardware news
  • Software update
  • Career Advice
  • And – of course – our Sunday Morning Fun(nies), plus a few other surprise features.

We guarantee 40+ newsletters per calendar year (we don’t deliver on US holiday weekends and we do take the month of August off). That’s 40+ opportunities a year (minimum) for your message to be seen by a select group of readers. Since 2011 we’ve never delivered less than 43 Newsletters and we average 45 Newsletters per year).

Other niche opportunities such as User Group meetings or physical monthly magazines just don’t compare!

“I can confirm that we are certainly seeing some traffic come our way from the Tao. I don’t know of any confirmed sales resulting from click throughs from your site/newsletter, but I have had a handful of people specifically thank me for supporting the Tao and I take that as a very good sign.”

– Bram Desmet, FSI, 6 months into his first year of advertising


Why the Newsletter?

The Tao of Color Grading Newsletter is TaoOfColor.com’s most visible, most trackable, most valuable property. As of May 2018 we have an average 35% Unique Open rate from 4,800 subscribers generating 6700+ unique impressions, monthly. AND our subscriber base is growing every month. Our readers are a niche, engaged audience that opens our email and clicks through our stories.

We don’t pad our numbers. Every 12 – 18 months we sweep through our metrics and delete subscribers that haven’t interacted with the Newsletter in the past 8 months! Automated email rules are NOT burying our newsletter. And by keeping our list clean, we don’t allow our Newsletter to become Spam.

What Do Our Metrics Look Like?

Subscriber Rate and Growth

Our readership has grown nearly 700% since December 2010. And all of our growth is organic. No advertising. Just word of mouth (or word of Twitter). By the way, notice those Unsubscribed numbers. That’s a running tally – not a monthly burn rate. We are really psyched that these subscribers stay with us! And over half of those unsubscribes were initiated by us… trimming out recipients that aren’t interacting with the Newsletter.

All Metrics are current to May 15, 2018

Monthly Subscriber Growth - May 2018

Unique Opens and Unique Click-Throughs

We strive for engagement and experiment with different ways of presenting stories to help drive click-throughs. After all –  we want readers that click! Then, when they’re ready for your message, they’ll click through to you.

Opens and Clicks Over Time

A selection of high and low open rates from Winter 2017 / Spring 2018

But WHO Are Our Subscribers?

When and how do we get our information about our subscribers? Simple: On our main Newsletter page we ask them two questions when they sign up.

And they tell us! We’ve been collecting this data almost since the launch of the Tao Colorist Newsletter (we missed a few on the first day or so, a few sign up at our Newsletter Archive, and a few sign-up with our Lightbox Popover – hence, we currently have data on 80% of our subscribers).

Here are the two important pieces of information they provide at sign-up:

  1. Your Primary Platform: Mac or PC?
  2. Your preferred Color Grading Tool?

How do those answers break down?

  • 62% are Mac-based
  • There are a healthy mix of Professional colorists and finishers versus occasional colorists.

What tool do you primarily use for color correction? (new subscribers from Jan 1, 2017)

(note: we recently started using a pop-over to drive subscriber growth which does not ask for any metrics – which accounts for the less than 100% response rates)

What OS are Newsletter Subscribers using (since January 2017)?

What Operating System are you using for color grading? (respondents since January 2017)


Apps that Newsletter readers are using for color grading (since Jan 2017)

What is your primary app for color correction? (respondents since January 2017)


Skill level of Newsletter readers

Summary of skill level and commitment to color correction as their primary skill.

The Tao of Color Grading Guarantee

We want you to feel comfortable advertising with us. Here’s our guarantee:

If we deliver less than 22 Newsletters in a calendar year – you get a full rebate!

If we deliver less than 40 Newsletters in a calendar year – you get a pro-rated rebate!

If we deliver more than 40 Newsletters in a calendar year – GOOD FOR YOU! You’ll get more than you paid for!

Our July 2018 – July 2019 goal is to deliver 45 Newsletters. Our 3-Year Average is 47 Newsletters. We have never delivered less than 42 Newsletters in a calendar year.

View a Sample Newsletter

Just go to our Home Page where the most recent edition of the Newsletter is posted every Sunday morning, at the same time the Newsletter is emailed (usually 3:05am, East Coast USA).

Advertising Packages

Note: The Newsletter only accepts Text advertising with up to two links in the Ad Copy. Must be less than 35 words.

Newsletter, Yearly – $9,000 per Year (only 4 2 1 available)

  • Each year, only (4) of these Yearly Buys are available. First come, first serve—established sponsors have right-of-first-refusal.
  • The (4) positions positions rotate weekly.
  • Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual payments only: We want advertisers interested in a long-term relationship with our readers. Therefore we do not offer a monthly payment model. All payments must be provided in full (5) business days before the start of the month of the Ad run. Payments after that time will be applied to the next month, which is when your ad run would begin. Continual late payment will result in being dropped as a sponsor.

Newsletter, Quarterly – $3,000 per Quarter

  • If a slot is open then we take Quarterly buys.
  • As with Annual Buys, there are no monthly payment terms. The full Quarter must be paid for before the run begins.
  • If a Quarterly buy extends through our (sometimes) August recess, then the buy will be extended for a month. If we ship 3 or more Sundays in August, then that month counts as part of the buy.

Limitations Apply

  1. The one thing we don’t do with our Sponsors… share email addresses. If you have a special offer for our readers, we’ll be happy to help write up copy to help our readers understand the value you’re providing them. But we send the offer to them directly – as a promise to our readers we absolutely positively NEVER share our email database with anyone, anywhere, at any price.
  2. We must have access to your product to ensure it works as advertised. The Tao Newsletter is a personal publication and our personal credibility is on the line. We must feel confident in our product—and for that reason you must be willing to give long-term access to our product. If at some point we feel we can no longer put our names behind your product, we reserve the right to quietly drop a sponsor (and issue a pro-rated refund)

What are you waiting for?

Advertise with us.

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