UPDATE: MC Color Control Surface Training

To all the peeps who signed up for the Tao Colorist Newsletter, THANKS!

Euphonix MC Color control surface

Response to this newsletter has been terrific – I love that people seem to like the Sunday Morning Reading weekly email. It’s true that the Intertubes never sleep and I have a ton of news to wade through for this upcoming Sunday’s email. (If you’re not signed up, the form is on the right column of this website.)

I want to take a moment and update everyone on the status of the MC Color Training…

Just after announcing this website and the initial launch, my (other) company Fini reeled in a 60 minute documentary – from rough cut through final delivery – for BET that I need to delivery by August 18. And since I’m a one-man shop… if I’m editing, I’m not recording training…

Currently I’m editing 10 – 12 hours a day, including weekends (we have almost 100 hours of footage and less than 5 weeks for this job).

Once the show is delivered I’m going to keep going strong and I’ll spend the following two weeks working full time writing, recording, editing, and delivering the MC Color training series.

So… that’s the plan as it currently stands.

Feel free to ask questions or leave comments in the linked Forum thread.


Patrick, Tao Colorist


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