DaVinci Resolve: New 3-Way Color Correction Interface


Resolve 8.0.1 just introduced this new mouse-driven 3-Way interface


If the lack of a 3-Way Color Correction interface has been holding you back from adopting DaVinci Resolve for Mac – BlackMagic has listened and given you what you’ve been asking for. Behold the new 3-Way Color Tab – released on July 22, 2011 for both Resolve and the free Resolve Lite (see my accompanying blog post about Resolve Lite).

This tab was designed specifically to free Resolve from needing a hardware colorist control surface (which cost between $1500US to $30,000US – depending on the model and manufacturer). It also frees BlackMagic from herding the hundreds of support calls they otherwise would have gotten if they released DaVinci Lite without this interface.

Frankly, I never recommended Resolve for mouse-based colorists – the enhancements offered by Resolve wouldn’t make up for being limited to RGB-only tweaks. And while the Curves interface could certainly fill the gap missing from the 3-Way Color Corrector – it’s a bit too ‘twitchy’ and not as refined as on the Avid Symphony to make curves your primary color balance control.


The Curves Interface in Resolve 8

Refined Controls for 3-Way Color Correction

Also added with this new interface are a bunch of modifier keys to make mouse-based grading more productive.

[UPDATE: Pages 247-248 of the Resolve User Guide that gets downloaded with the software explains all the modifier controls. As well as what the various controls actually do.]

New 3-way Primary tab

  • Hold the Shift key and move the balance to the cursor position immediately
  • Hold the Alt/Option key and drag horizontally to adjust the luminance while in the color wheel area
  • Hold the Cmd key and drag horizontally to adjust the master control
  • Double click on the color wheel area to reset the RGB balance
  • Use the wheel to control the master levels
  • Hold the option key and move the wheel to control the lum levels
  • You can also use the mouse scroll wheel (or two finger gestures on the trackpad) to control the master control wheel

Updated sliders for better mouse operation

  • Adjust using the middle mouse scroll for precision control
  • Click and type a number to set a specific value
  • Double click on the label to reset to default value


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