Investigative Colorist: Why is the PremierePro to Resolve 8 Roundtrip Broken?

FCP XML v5 is the key to the Resolve 8 kingdom


NOTE: This article is deprecated. The issue discussed has been solved by recent versions of Premiere Pro 5.5 and later. For that reason the Vimeo video has also been removed!

For the past few days I’ve been hunting down problems when attempting to do a roundtrip between Premiere Pro 5 & 5.5 and Resolve 8.

On the surface, it looks completely do-able.

Premiere has an “Export to FCP XML” command. Resolve 8 is specifically designed for a FCP to Resolve roundtrip. You’d think it works, right?

Think again.

Here’s the problem: Resolve is designed for FCP XML Version 5. Premiere can only import and export FCP XML Version 4 (or earlier).

DaVinci Resolve 8's XML v.4 dialog box

This Resolve 8 dialog box alerts you to the XML version mis-match

Here’s the work-around: It *is* possible to move between Resolve and Premiere… but only if you own FCP which can translate up and down between FCP XML Versions 4 & 5!

That’s the short of it.

If you really want to dig into specifically what works, what doesn’t, and get a sense of the power when the XML Roundtrip does work – watch this 18 minute video where I bounce between all 3 apps to figure out what exactly is going on and what’s getting broken when.

And if you’re Adobe – I’d love to help you guys fix this problem and open up the world of XML integration between Resolve and CS5 users. I can be reached from here.  😉

UPDATE: If you’re a CS5 or CS5.5 user and would like to see Resolve 8 and Adobe integration – here’s the link to Adobe’s feedback page. Enter a feature request for ‘Export to Final Cut Pro XML v.5’ to enable Resolve 8 & Adobe CS5 / CS5.5 integration. Hat Tip: Tom Daigon

Special thanks to all the Tao Colorists who responded to my call for help: with a specific thanks to Clay Asbury and Pepo Klijs for working through the Premiere 5.5 XMLs!

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