Welcome to the New Blog (same as the old)

This Winter we did some landscaping around our house and moved a tree from the front of the house to the back yard. Having just moved South from the Northeast United States, winter this year felt like a never ending vacation since the green outside never really disappeared.

Which is why my wife was worried about the transplanted Crape Myrtle tree.

The tree looked dead
Branches could be snapped off. There wasn’t a sign of life for months.

And then 10 days ago, a few buds popped out. Less than a week later it’s in full bountiful glorious bloom with a focused green intensity.

I hope you, dear Tao of Color reader, see this blog as that tree
Except for a few marketing-type posts the past three years, this Blog has laid dormant. And then suddenly, new podcasts and now this post. What the heck is happening?

Think of it as the power of focus
For the Crape Myrtle tree, its focused energy results in green blooms. Here on this blog? You guessed it: Posts! And how will this go-around be different than the last one? That’s what this post is about.

What we’re going cover is:

  • What is my new approach to this Blog?
  • Understanding how it fits into the Tao of Color Grading ecosystem

Let’s first start with an explanation of why the blog has lain dormant?
As I look back on it now… when we started working on MixingLight.com back in 2012, the blogging I was doing here ended up there. Our Mixing Light Insights Library is simply a laser-focused blog, behind a membership wall, where each of three colorists blog weekly.

Blogs take energy. And time. And when you’ve got members paying you to blog? That’s where your attention focuses. And so my precious Tao Of Color website went fallow. But I’ve decided to revive it because I’ve realized what role it needs to play in the whole Tao of Color / Mixing Light scheme.

This blog gives focus and clarity to various offerings at the Tao
For instance, the three of us colorists at Mixing Light can focus on the Library and not worry about the (now retired) Mixing Light blog (yes, Dan and Robbie have an open invitation to blog here—but are under no obligation to do so).

Re-invigorating this blog also helps focus the Tao Colorist Newsletter
In my surfing as the Publisher of the Newsletter I find all sorts of stuff that apply to all of us, generally, as post-production professionals (not just as colorists):

  • Career advice
  • Advances in related crafts that may come up in client conversations
  • Summaries of Press Releases (which have always been banned from the Newsletter)

I want to link out to these stories. And I’ll be doing that here. You could say one of my models for this blog is a mashup of the Newsletter and Daring Fireball. You’ll find quick hit summary posts, telling you what I found interesting and why you should click through and read the rest of the story.

My Newsletter readers may ask: Why not just put these links in the Newsletter?
Because the Newsletter gets bloated very quickly. At the end of last year I found I spent way too much time editing non-craft-related stories. And two years of metrics show me those stories tend not to generate much interest from newsletter readers. But I think the broader industry may find these useful…

So I’ve pulled those stories from the Newsletter and they’ll be appearing here.

Already this year the Newsletter feels much more relevant, much more packed with color correction stories than it has in the near past.

The renewed tightness of the Newsletter comes from refocusing its mission
But I don’t want to lose those stories I’ve pulled. They’re important to us as well-rounded professionals. And this blog will pick up where the Newsletter drops off.

But what if I write something on the Blog that should be in the Newsletter?
Then I’ll link to it in the Newsletter! I’m not bashful about letting the readers know what I’m up to. And where the two intersect, I’ll let them meet.

Newsletter readers won’t be forced to constantly browse this Blog. And those who like the broader approach of this Blog won’t be forced to wade through the narrow focus of the Newsletter.

Welcome to the new blog. Same as the old
But four years later, there’s a whole lot more color correction related stuff to link to!

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