Using “Magic Bullet Looks” on Text

A sweet tutorial was just posted on Red Giant Software‘s website: Grunging Up Text In FCP

Video tutorial maestro Aharon Rabinowitz does a great job showing how to apply and develop a text treatment using MB Looks. He gets around the biggest challenge of using Looks for this sort of thing (the fact that Looks settings are not keyframable, and thus static on text) by using the additional MB Misfire filters (which are excellent and ship with MB Looks) to give the text movement and interest.

Really – a great tutorial.

Just as good – the video doesn’t Autostart (ensuring you’re not inadvertently outed that you’re doing something other than what you should be doing).

– pi

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Controlling ‘Magic Bullet Looks’ (feat. ‘Knoll Light Factory’): Video Tutorial

"Magic Bullet Looks" preset examples

Magic Bullet Looks

Last week I was a guest on’s Digital Convergence podcast. Hosts Carl Olson & Chris Fenwick took me through a range of discussion topics related to color grading. Chris asked me about how I get Red Giant Software’s Magic Bullet Looks to update to my external broadcast monitor while I’m working in the Looks interface.

(In case you’re unaware, Final Cut Pro doesn’t allow custom interfaces to output live updates to the video card… the final ‘look’ needs to be applied to the clip before it is output to the external monitor.)

I mistakenly answered Chris that I don’t have a solution to this problem – forgetting that I came up with a viable workaround earlier this year.

So. This Video Tutorial is my mea culpa to Chris & Carl. It’s about how you can control Magic Bullet Looks and get live updates to an external monitor – in real time! It also features a quick little demo using Knoll Light Factory with Magic Bullet Looks to create a ‘dream sequence’ feel.

Threaded comments are turned on for this post – please post a comment. Below the video are all the relevant links for this post. Enjoy!

You’ll the “Enlarge” button to go full screen…


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