Interview: Colorist Warren Eagles, Part 2

“What Makes A Great Colorist?”

Warren Eagles, Colorist, Founder -

At the fresh age of 17, Warren started his career working with images as a photographer for women’s underwear catalogues.

He moved on to working at several post houses around London before earning the opportunity to work as an assistant in a Telecine suite. His first professional gig as a colorist was in 1988 on Michael Jackson’s Bad World Tour.

Since then he’s:
  • Spent time watching Guy Ritchie’s telly whilst discussing the look for “Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels”
  • Worked on Australia’s first Digitally graded feature film “Blurred”
  • Is now a freelance Colorist in Australia and Asia, has his own grading suite, and is a founding partner of the International Colorist Academy.

You can find Warren at:


In Part 2 of Warren’s Interview we discuss:

  • The advantage of a more relaxed color grading schedule
  • Grading a feature film
  • Warren’s color grading workflow
  • Evaluating the image
  • Identifying the focal point of a shot
  • Creating “Looks”
  • Trying to match the visual production values of major television shows
  • The impact of a camera’s codec on the Color Grading process
  • Color Correcting DSLR footage
  • Mixing RED with DSLR
  • RED DPs needing to grade their dailies
  • Thoughts on the kinds of cameras we’ll see at NAB 2011
  • Warren’s current business
  • Being a freelance colorist
  • Warren’s color grading kit (Show Notes have links to mentioned products)
  • Working with new clients
  • ICA’s different training options
  • Why you should learn to create different Looks
  • The future for professional colorists
  • Warren’s upcoming online DaVinci Resolve training!

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Show Notes

This interview is part of an on-going interview series with the movers, shaker, and thinkers involved in the field of professional color grading for moving images. When I have new episodes to release, they are released on Tuesdays. To be notified you may follow me on Twitter (@patInhofer), via our RSS feed, and on iTunes.

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