Baselight is Final Cut’s Newest Color Grading Plugin!

Screenshot of Baselight Plug-in in FCP



You just read that correctly.

NAB 2011 just kicked off a day early with news from Filmlight that they’re integrating high-end color grading app Baselight directly in the Final Cut Pro timeline!

According to the Press Release, integration is 100%. More details:

  • Grading done on a full-blown Baselight system can be exported directly into the FCP timeline and rendered within FCP.
  • FCP has full access to all the Baselight functionality – grades created within the FCP plug-in can be exported to Baselight for final grading.
  • Data is transferred between the two stations via XML – bypassing the more limited, but standardized, CDL (Color Decision List) framework allowing full integration between the two systems.
  • Full integration with Avid’s Artist Color control surface (formerly Euphonix MC Color)
  • You will NOT need Baselight’s custom Blackboard control surface.
  • Pricing: Under $1,000 (which I take to mean – they’re going to price it similar to DaVinci’s Resolve…).

Avid and Premiere Pro graders need not despair. Directly from the Press Release:

 The plug-in marks the start of an initiative designed to make Baselight’s advanced functionality directly available within third party applications. In future, the technology behind Baselight for Final Cut Pro could be applied to other editing systems, as well as to visual effects and compositing systems.


Baselight has other news:

  • Baselight's BlackBoard 2 colorist control surface

    BlackBoard 2 – A redesign of their custom control surface, with a wood finish, haptic touch (provides touch feedback), and fully programmable buttons (the DaVinci control surface is not).

  • Triple-head Display – 3 dedicated displays. One each for – UI, Scopes, and Image Gallery
  • New hardware to support: Red Rocket Card, 40TB of Raid 6 Storage, and a whole lot of cores.

You can find the raw details and additional download links on


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