The “Color Correction Handbook” 18-Hour Trivia Contest

Contest has ended! Comments are closed.

At about 10:37am EST I changed up the answers in the question. Final results will be posted on this blog by noon EST.

Here are the correct answers that will get you in the final drawing:

  1. If you answered before 10:37am EST, the correct answer was: Brown Bark
  2. If you answered after 10:37am EST, the correct answer was: Potting Soil

Here are the 10 memory colors identified by C.J. Bartleson:

  • Red Brick
  • Green Grass
  • Dry Grass
  • Blue Sky
  • Flesh
  • Tan Flesh
  • Green Foliage
  • Evergreens
  • Inland Soil
  • Beach Sand

For a really nice explanation of the underlying research, check out this post on the blog from the author of “Color Correction Handbook”.

Win a copy of the new “Color Correction Handbook” by Alexis Van Hurkman!

Yesterday I interviewed Alexis Van Hurkman as part of an upcoming interview series for the Tao of Color He was kind enough to give me a copy of his book. When I got home last night, Amazon delivered to me another copy of his book – which I pre-ordered a few weeks ago.

I’ve decided to share in my bounty of good fortune.

An 18 hour trivia contest!

Here’s the deal: Correctly answer the Trivia question below (which can be found in the Handbook) and you’ll be entered into a raffle (run via Random.Org) to win my extra copy of The Color Correction Handbook (affiliate link).

Post your answer in the Comments

Leave your answer in the comments section of this blog post. Make sure you leave some way for me to contact you if you win! (Ideally a Twitter ID, email, or website address. I will NOT use this data in any way other than for the purposes of the random drawing).

The winner will be announced on this blog sometime on Thursday, November 25

This Contest Ends Midnight, Pacific (GMT -8 hours) – Wed, November 24

I’ll be using the time-stamp on your comment to determine if you answered in time. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS, NO EXTENSIONS.

One entry per person

Let’s keep this friendly. No need to spam the comments!

No Spoilers

I’ve had to moderate a few of the answers. So, going forward…

  • If you link to the answer elsewhere on the web, you’re disqualified.
  • If you list all 10 memory colors in your answer, you’re disqualified.

Like I said, let’s keep this friendly and fun. It’s trivia, which means it’s easy if you know the answer, hard if you don’t.

Here’s the Trivia Question v 2.0:

In 1960 C.J. Bartleson of the Eastman Kodak Company published an article, “Memory Colors of Familiar Objects”. He identified 10 objects that were highly associated with a specific color. For instance, ‘Flesh’ and ‘Tan Flesh’ fall within a very specific range of colors, outside of which those ‘memory colors’ look wrong to most people.

Which of these is NOT one of those ten ‘memory colors’ identified by C.J. Bartleson (as listed in The Color Correction Handbook by Alexis Van Hurkman):

  1. Inland Soil
  2. Dry Grass
  3. Evergreens
  4. Potting Soil

UDATE #1 (10:38 EST) This is an 18 hour contest. You didn’t think I’d leave just a single question up here, did you? 🙂 I’ve just changed up the question… If you’ve already answered, no worries – your answer is registered and if you answered correctly the question posed to you, you’re entered into the drawing. DO NOT RE-ANSWER or you will be disqualified!

One More Thing…

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Leave Your Answer Below, NOW (the clock is ticking)… and Good Luck!

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