Colorist-Flight-School-Wings-900px-croppedColorist Flight School LIVE! – Minimum CPU Requirements

Some Colorist Flight School training events are BYOL events… Bring Your Own Laptop.

If your event is listed as one it is CRITICAL that you determine if the computer you plan on using during the training is capable of running Resolve reliably. If it can’t, we’ll be happy to issue you a refund if you’re still outside the 2-week window before the event starts.

What CPUs are certified for Resolve or Resolve Lite?

While DaVinci Resolve can run on a wide variety of computer platforms – it has very specific graphics card requirements that can disqualify a wide variety of laptops from reliably running Resolve or Resolve Lite.

If you already have Resolve installed on the computer you plan on bringing to one of our LIVE! training events, watch this video to see how to test if it’ll run reliably enough on your machine to ensure you have a great learning experience:

If you have not installed Resolve Lite on your machine, I strongly encourage you to download and read this Configuration Guide for Mac PDF directly from BlackMagic. Go to the section that covers the computer you plan on bringing to Colorist Film School LIVE! training and double-check that your computer is certified. You may then go here to download DaVinci Resolve Lite and then watch the above video to test your system.

Here are the highlights direct from the Configure Guide of what CPUs are qualified for DaVinci Resolve Lite:

Apple MacBookPro Minimum Requirements

NOTE: MacBook and MacBook Air laptops are NOT supported in Resolve Lite. Don’t even bother trying – it’s a terrible experience. You must be running one of these MacBookPro laptops:

  • 15″ with Retina display, Mid 2012, 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 or faster
  • 17-inch, Mid 2009, 2.8GHz Core 2 Duo or faster
  • 15-inch, Early 2011, 2.0GHz Intel Core i7 with 1680 x 1050 display resolution or faster
  • 17-inch, Early 2011, 2.2GHz Intel Core i7 or faster
  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.7.4 or 10.8 in 64bit mode 
  • RAM: 8 GB minimum, 12GB accepable, 16GB or more recommended

If you have one of the above listed laptops, be sure to jump to Page 21 of the Configuration Guide PDF and read how to set your graphics card preferences to get Resolve to run reliably.

Apple iMac Minimum Requirements

Yes, if you’ve got the strength – you may bring your iMac to a BYOL event. Though be prepared to bring it home with you each night if our host can not (or will not) guarantee the security of the machine.

  • 21.5-inch, Mid 2011, 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 or faster
  • 21.5-inch, Mid 2011, 2.8GHz Intel Core i7 or faster
  • 27-inch, Mid 2011, 2.7GHz Intel Core i5 or faster
  • 27-inch, Mid 2011, 3.4GHz Intel Core i7
  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.8 in 64bit mode
  • RAM: 8GB minimum, 12GB accepable, 16GB or more recommended

PC Laptops (not recommended)

BlackMagic does not certify any laptops for use with DaVinci Resolve or DaVinci Resolve Lite. According the Tao of Color Twitter Army, no one can report a satisfactory experience.

At this time, we do not recommend PC Laptops for Colorist Flight School BYOL events and you’ll be on your own if it doesn’t work.

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