Tao of Color’s Color Correction Resources

The Tao has a lot of stuff going on. This is your quick and easy guide to our resources on professional desktop color grading:

The Free Stuff

  • The Tao Colorist Sunday Morning Newsletter: 40+ Sundays a year you can sit down with your morning coffee and catch up with all the latest news, tutorials, resources, funnies and career advice for anyone interested in the field of color correction. Get full details on our Sunday Morning Newsletter information page. Signing up is free.
  • The Tao of Color Podcast: Listen to professional colorists talk about the art, craft, and business of color grading film & video. You can sign up for our iTunes podcast feed or listen from this website. Be sure to check out the individual show notes which are filled with links pertinent to each episode.
  • The Tao of Color Blog: When we’re not writing a newsletter, recording and editing a podcast, color grading professionally, or creating training – yup, you guessed it, we’re writing a blog. Subscribe to it via RSS or just sign up for the Newsletter to be alerted to new content (where we’re not above a little shameless self-promotion).


The Paid Stuff


MixingLight.com Color Correction TutorialsWhere do you find a continuous stream of color correction tutorials?

Until 2013, you didn’t. You’d have to sign up for the Tao Colorist Newsletter, which does a great job assembling a great variety of color correction resources. But if you want a single-source, high-quality website that delivered color correction tutorials aimed at post-production pros? Then MixingLight.com is your next destination!

What is MixingLight.com?

  • Short digestible articles that can be quickly consumed: Each article focuses on one very specific ‘thought’ making it ideal for those times when you can’t devote a few hours to training.
  • The Insights Library: Each article gets added to a central repository called The Insights Library. As the weeks roll by new content constantly streams into the Insights Library, designed to help you discover small kernels of insights that result in Ah-HA! moments you can use in your day-to-day work.
  • Broad inclusion of software packages: From DaVinci Resolve to SpeedGrade to Final Cut Pro X as well as Theory and Business, MixingLight embraces the full range of topics a video colorist needs to understand.
  • Three professional colorists: MixingLight is co-founded by three professional colorists on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. This insures new content is always flowing… even if one or two of them get bogged down for a few weeks in their day jobs.
  • Affordably priced: MixingLight is priced as an entry level website—offering high-value information. It’s a natural companion to Tao of Color’s premium priced products or a great entry level if Tao of Color is a little too in-depth for you.

Click here to find out more about MixingLight.com



Learn how to color correct with DaVinci Resolve 12

Is it time to stop feeling Un-Talented in DaVinci Resolve?

On MixingLight.com, you can buy as a stand-alone product DaVinci Resolve 12 Insights and DaVinci Resolve 12 Deep Insights. Between these two training titles you’ll go from zero to hero—getting a full education in using DaVinci Resolve… The full 20-hour course is split into three types of movies

  1. Interface training – Learn DaVinci Resolve workflows, buttons and tools for managing the entire color correction process
  2. ‘In Action’ Project-based Lessons – Put your interface training to work by color correcting the bundled Music Video, with the camera-original footage shot on Blackmagic Cinema Cameras.
  3. Colorist Lingo – Learn the language of colorists as you progress through the training.

You’ll also get footage from a real-world documentary to follow along and practice upon.

Click to learn more about our stand-alone DaVinci Resolve 12 Deep Insights interface training


On Hiatus

AColorist Flight School: Professional Color Correction Tutorialsre you ready to stop fumbling with color correction sliders and learn it as a skill you can sell?

Then check out the Tao Of Color’s premium training program, Colorist Flight School. It’s a 3-step self-paced Home Study, that gives you personal feedback to help you hone your skill. Build the confidence you need to start selling your color correction talents to your clients.

The current Home Study is based around Davinci Resolve 11 and DaVinci Resolve 11 Lite and has three components:

  1. Go from Zero to ‘Wheels Up’ on DaVinci Resolve in the 14-hour comprehensive interface training component: Learn how to use this amazing software. From the basics of making overall corrections to the controlling skin tones and sky recovery,  you’ll know how to use Resolve 11’s toolset to solve color correction challenges.
  2. Apply your Resolve 11 Interface Training to a real-life short film in the ‘Grade-Along’: From camera original to final delivery–we solve real problems on real-world projects. You’ll download camera original footage, listen to the director and your trainer discuss the creative goals of the project, and then lean and learn over your colorist’s shoulder as if you were his assistant and he’s training you to take his seat.
  3. Get feedback from the Tao Of Color founder on the actual work you’re doing in the ‘Grade-Along’: Are you tired of following tutorials but always asking, “Am I doing it right?” Stop wondering and find out! This training is truly designed to get you ‘skilled-up’ in color correction… including feedback from your very own personal Senior Colorist.

This series rotates with new films, allowing you to try your hand color grading different cameras, different genres, different challenges.

Click to learn more about Colorist Flight School (by Tao Of Color)