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The Flanders Scientific 2461w: Their flagship LCD

The Tao Of Color is proud to have Flanders Scientific as one of our Platinum Sponsors. This page is designed to help our readers get to know Flanders Scientific by providing information and resources we’ve found interesting, educational, and helpful.

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Flanders Scientific meets all those criteria.

Let Flanders Know Who Sent You!

Of course, we don’t just choose our sponsors, they also choose us – from among many companies who want to do business with them. And since resources are tight these days, marketing budgets must be carefully allocated. With that in mind…

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About Flanders Scientific

FSI’s flagship product, the LM-2461W is a color critical LCD reference monitor that, feature-for-feature, can’t be matched by any other LCD manufacturer at almost double the price. Their 17″ LCD is a nice entry-level LCD and is often used in the field due to it’s light weight and low power consumption. They keep their prices low by only offering their displays direct-to-customer, forgoing the dealer network (and eliminating those costs).

FSI is particularly known for its outstanding customer service including:

  • Free monitor calibration (24 hour turnaround) – as often as you prefer for the life of the monitor (you just pay the round-trip shipping costs). This is HUGE. If you were to hire a specialist  to recalibrate your monitor every year (using the same precision tools that FSI uses) – over 3 years FSI’s calibration service could save you almost $2,400 (minus shipping).
  • Quick turnaround servicing of equipment
  • They actually answer email and pick up the telephone.

Learn About LCDs for Critical Viewing

Early in 2011 (before we starting courting FSI to become sponsors of this website) we recorded a podcast with Bram Desmet, one of the founding family members of FSI. We spoke in-depth about LCD displays, their strengths and weaknesses, the different types of displays, what you should be looking for when buying a display, the various methods of calibration and how FSI calibrates each and every display at the factory before they get shipped out, and much more.

If you’re in the market for a professional, color-critical LCD then you need to take 85 minutes and listen to Parts 1 & 2 of our podcast with FSI’s Bram Desmet.

Additional Resources

We put together some links to help you decide if an FSI Monitor is right for you.

If this website has helped you make your purchasing decision – let FSI know by clicking through to their web store from this website or telling them directly: The Tao of Color sent you!


Product Reviews

FSI Links of Interest

The following are several links on the Flanders Scientific website that I found interesting when researching their products:

  • FSI’s Calibration F.A.Q. – Outstanding overview of different calibration technologies and how Flanders calibrates their panels.
  • FSI 10bit FRC F.A.Q. – A nice pithy article on how 10-bit FRC LCDs are made to emulate 10-bit native LCDs. (In fact, according to FSI, when shown head-to-head 10-bit FRC is indistinguishable from 10-bit native. So much so, demand for their 10-bit native LCDs completely dried up and the product was discontinued.)
  • Technical Specs: Including viewing distances, RGB primary settings for monitor calibration, and a download link to an 11 page PDF exploring all the different advantages and disadvantages of today’s competing display technologies.