Straw Man Alert: Final Cut vs Color

There’s been a lot of talk on the Intertubes about color grading apps, no doubt much of it inspired by the impending DaVinci Resolve 7.0 release. With a newly affordable app almost (but not quite) on the market, there’s much chatter about the tools we use.

Some of that chit chat is formed as questions:

Look Ma - no head!

Don't be fooled by Straw Man setups

  • Should I use Final Cut… or Color?
  • Should I abandon Color for the new Resolve?
  • Isn’t Colorista II a waste if I use Apple’s Color?

Final Cut Pro vs. Apple Color vs. [Name Your App]: A False Choice

Those questions are Straw Men. False choices. These are not either / or questions. Using Apple’s Color doesn’t prevent you from working Colorista II into your workflow. If you’ve been working on Color for the past 2 years and buy Resolve, who says you couldn’t use both – on the same job!

Reading it now, it seems so painfully obvious I wonder why I’m writing this post. Yet the questions, they’re out there. So let’s work through this…

Use The Tool That Gets the Job Done

Better question:

  • When is Final Cut a superior solution to Color?
  • What benefits make Color worth the time it takes for the round-trip?
  • Can I use Colorista II as a complement to Color?

A recent article I wrote explains how to use both the 3Way Color filter and Apple’s Color to their best advantage. It’s the type of thinking that takes us beyond button pushers and into the realm of crafts(wo)men.

Either / Or?    Never!

A Tao Colorist is always trying to strip away the complications. That starts by becoming dis-invested in our ‘One Way’, the Way we were trained. Or the Way we have grown into and become comfortable with.

Having choices is a tremendous luxury. And a tremendous distraction.

This is a golden age for desktop colorists. It’s also deeply unsettling, disruptive, and confusing. In those moments of self-doubt don’t fall for the Straw Man reasoning. Instead, ask the question that matters…

Which, When?

That’s the real question.

Lucky us, the answer is eternally consistent: It depends.

Lucky me, that answer also opens the door for a whole lot of follow-up posts.

Welcome to the Tao!

– pi

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