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Announcing DaVinci Resolve 8 Training

DaVinci Resolve 8 for Mac was released just a two short weeks ago. And Tao Of Color is deep into development on our MasterClass training! At the end of this post I’ve included the Course Outline for you to check out and comment upon.

If you’re not familiar with my MasterClass training… a reading of the Outline should show how Tao’s training is different than any other training you’ve taken! It’s not quite training… much more like a Mentorship (details to follow as we get closer to launching).

About DaVinci Resolve 8


DaVinci Resolve 8 - The Color Tab

DaVinci Resolve 8 - The Color Tab (click to enlarge)

Here’s a quick overview of the new features in Resolve 8 (with the Apple Color’ist in mind):

  • Multi- video track support… with keying operations and external mattes (yes, we’re talking in-context grading of composited elements)
  • Support for Transfer modes
  • FCP Legacy round-trip support
  • More advanced versions of Apple Color’s Hue Curves
  • Stabilization
  • New color science
  • Plus quite a few productivity enhancements for Resolve 7 users
  • And I’m not even including the new Stereoscopic features of this full-featured grading tool. Or the additional 2 pages of new features documented in Resolve’s “What’s New” section of the manual.

What about Apple Color?

As if those new features weren’t enough – Apple has helped push many desktop colorists in the direction of Resolve 8 now that Color has been End Of Life’d.

I’m not suggesting you abandon Color. It still has it’s place:

  • Color is 100% viable for the next few years (which is why I’ll continue to offer the MasterClass training on Final Cut Studio Legacy).
  • Anyone serious about freelancing as a Colorist will want to be conversant on Color – since it’s included with a large chunk of those 2 million copies of Final Cut Studio Legacy installs.
  • Color is also a GREAT gateway into Resolve 8. Especially since all the major features of Apple Color are now in Resolve (minus the Advanced Tab). Everything you learn while working in Color can be transported when you begin to learn Resolve 8.

MasterClass Series: DaVinci Resolve 8

Training & Tutorials

Below is a JPEG pulled from my MindMap of the training. The thing to keep in mind about this training:

  • I’m not reading aloud from the manual – but I go way deeper into the Interface than I did on Color, FCP or Colorista II, since there isn’t (at the time of this posting) any other training out there that teaches you the buttons. And also because the interface is very intimidating and we need to get you un-intimidated.
  • The training is designed as a 6-week course. Why? When talking to students in my Final Cut Studio training – many of them felt overwhelmed since they had total and complete access to everything the moment they joined up – as if an entire 5-course meal was presented to them before they even had their first cocktail.I’m going to reduce the overwhelm factor by breaking this out over 6 weeks. But… for the impatient among you, my weeks are 5 days long… once all the training has been recorded, those 6 weeks get released to you in 30 days.
  • I don’t just teach interface. I share: Best practices, client management, interacting with the Director, balancing images, matching shots, finding emotion, giving your clients choices, taking notes during client review sessions, online delivery, and more!In other words: Weeks 4, 5, and 6 have almost nothing to do with interface and everything to do with… color grading!
  • Take a look at the Jpeg. Click on it to see it full size. Leave comments below.

Are you concerned I’m missing something? Is there something in particular you’d like to see? Now’s the time to tell me! I’ve started recording this past weekend and will continue for the next few weeks. If I think it fits within the scope of this training, I WILL incorporate your suggestions.


JPEG of Resolve 8 Training Mind Map

On the left are individual classes (Orientation, Quick Start, Grade Prep, etc)... moving right are the topics covered in each class. On the far right are the Weeks each class will be released. (Click for Full Size, Leave Comments & Requests Below)


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