Interview: Colorist Terence Curren, Part 2

“The 3 Steps of Color Correction”

Terence Curren: Founder, Alpha Dogs... from the Way Back Machine!

Terence Curren is the Founder and President of AlphaDogs, a post production facility and design studio located in the heart of Burbank’s Media District, mere blocks from the Walt Disney Company and NBC Studios.

His future in the film and television business was prefigured by an early fascination with cinema; shooting his own films at the tender age of twelve. Terry went on to produce and direct, and then shifted full-time to post production as an editor. He was an early adopter of the Avid Symphony and quickly gained a reputation amongst his peers as an expert on that platform.

Terry’s early focus was on the ‘skilled operator’ as the differentiating factor in post-production, led to the founding of his own post house, as well as the creation of the Editors’ Lounge series and the Digital Service Station media-transfer bureaus, now located across the US and Canada

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This interview is part of an on-going interview series with the movers, shaker, and thinkers involved in the field of professional color grading for moving images. When I have new episodes to release, they are released on Tuesdays. To be notified you may follow me on Twitter (@patInhofer), via our RSS feed, and on iTunes.

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