Using the Tektronix 7020 waveform monitor

Josh Petok - Guest Post

As a colorist, one of your challenges can be balancing out shots with extremely different luminance values. We are all human and our eyes can get tired after watching image after image all day. That’s where the scope comes in.

The Tektronix 7000 series of scopes have several tools that make it easier to visualize your clips color and luminance without being effected by the actual image. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate two essential Tektronix functions: Capture and Line Select. Unlike software scopes, having immediate access to these hardware buttons can really speed up your workflow.

This knowledge can be applied wether you’re on DaVinci Resolve, Apple Color, Film Master, Avid Symphony, or any other system that relies on color correction.

Josh Petok is a Colorist who helps reality shows look their absolute best. From his beginnings on “The Surreal Life,” he strives to intensify drama or comedy while still keeping the presence and authenticity of reality tv. Completing work on his 47th show, Josh is continually learning and developing new methods for enhancing the shows that he works on. You can find Josh on his homepage, his blog The Current Cut, and – of course – Josh can be found on Twitter.

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