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Feedback, Please

Tao of Color Grading’s first package of training videos has been roadmapped.
Or more precisely, MindMapped:

[rokbox title=”What do YOU want to learn? :: ToCG’s MC Color Training MindMap” thumb=”http://www.taoofcolor.com/wp-content/uploads/EuphonixMCColorTraining_map0630101-e1277929961707.png” width=”100%” height=”100%”]http://www.taoofcolor.com/wp-content/uploads/EuphonixMCColorTraining_map063010.png[/rokbox]

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Euphonix MC Color control surface

As mapped, this will be a 5-video series, each video denoted by the gray diamonds. The first of the videos, “Overview”, will be available for free to everyone who subscribes to our newsletter (hint, hint).

I haven’t set pricing yet – but the full set will probably run in the $50 – $70 range.

I’m going to start recording these training videos starting this weekend. I want to make sure I don’t miss anything important, Sooo…

The Offer

NOTE: This offer has ended. We are definitely still interested in hearing your thoughts about our upcoming training, so feel free to leave a comment.

Here’s the deal: By midnight Eastern July 2, 2010 – leave relevant feedback in the comments or on the forum thread for this post and you’ll get the entire training series, as a gift.

Gratis. As in, free.

Consider it a TaoOfColor.com Grand Opening bottle of wine from me, to you – someone who actually cares about this kind of gear.

The catch? I just need to be able to contact you when the training goes live, so I suggest an email address that works. 🙂

And spammy or “me too” posts are a no-no. Leave me your thoughts in your words, no matter if someone has said it before. It’ll help me prioritize the requests.

The Question You Need To Answer

  • Current Euphonix Users: What topics do I seem to be missing or you would most like explored?
  • Everyone else: What do you most want answered when it comes to understanding if a control surface is for you?
  • I’ll say it again: Anyone who responds, in their own voice, gets the entire series for free! (evil spammers are excluded from this offer)

    I’m sure you’re wondering, how much will the full series cost when it’s done? Somewhere in the $50 – $70 range sounds about right to me.

    Remember: The cutoff is midnight, Friday July 2, New York City time. The timestamp in the forum is the ultimate arbiter of who made it in under the gun!


    Patrick, Tao Colorist

Disclosure: Patrick is currently offering a Live Color Grading Seminar in conjunction with Euphonix. They have loaned him an MC Color control surface so he can do better demos. But he wouldn’t do it if he didn’t think the MC Color is a great product.

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