Color Grading Seminar: Arlington, VA.

The Tao of Color Grading: Featuring the Euphonix MC Color Control Surface and Apple’s Color

Date: Wed. February 23

Time: 6:30p

Location: Resolution Post, 3040 Williams Drive, Suite 105 Fairfax, Virginia 22031


Colorist/Finisher/Trainer Patrick Inhofer will teach the simple fundamental Truths that affect anyone trying to evaluate, improve, and add emotional impact to moving images. These Truths can be applied across different software packages – whether just a simple contrast filter in a non-linear editor or a complex grade in a dedicated color grading app (such as Apple’s Color or BlackMagic’s DaVinci Resolve).

In this newly updated version of the popular The Tao of Color Grading Presentation, Patrick uses Final Cut Pro and Color to help you:

  • Understand the physical truths about the human vision system – that your eyes and brain conspire to work against your ability to really ‘see’ the images you are capturing and creating.
  • Become enlightened about how to combat the aggressive manner in which our eyes lie to us.
  • Learn how the underlying methods used to digitally compress and process video can be leveraged to your advantage in the color grading process.
  • Walk away with a simple workflow which you can immediately employ for quick, efficient grading.
  • Learn how to use powerful image evaluation tools that are already built into the software you’re using.
  • Discover the one color correction filter you probably never use – but should, and is an essential tool in Patrick’s bag of tricks.
If time allows:
  • You’ll see a demonstration of the benefits of working with a control surface. Using the affordable and powerful Euphonix MC Color Patrick will show how a control surface results in faster grading sessions while increasing the quality of the finished product.

About Patrick:

Based on the initial success of this Tao Of Color Grading seminar, Patrick Inhofer launched the color grading training website, The website contains video-based training specifically for Final Cut, Colorista II, and Apple Color workflows, giving students a 14-minute short film to grade. also has a color grading specific Weekly Newsletter, as well as a color grading Podcast, and Blog.

Patrick is the Owner/Operator of the boutique color grading house, He is a colorist and editor with over 20 years experience in broadcast, cable, corporate, and indie post-production.

Patrick’s has worked with such directors as Barry Levinson and Bruce Sinofsky. A few of the outlets he’s delivered to: HBO, NBC, ABC, Showtime, ESPN, National Geographic Channel, PBS, The Museum of Modern Art, and (yes) The Internet.

You can view Patrick’s Color Grading demo reel at:

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