Colorist Interview Series, Subscribe via iTunes

You can now subscribe to the Colorist Interview Series via iTunes. The link is hot and fresh… like tasty pumpernickel.

This interview series, and the way I’ve gone about it, is pretty much indicative of everything I’ve launched on…

I leap before I look.

First, I decide to do something. In this case – I make some phone calls, line up some interviews… and then the night before my first interview I realize I don’t know how I’m going to record it, or (once I figure that out) if the record is going to work at all (it does).

Then I posted the first episode, only to have someone ask,  “Where’s the iTunes link?”

Wait? iTunes? That’s for podcasts.

Podcasting? I’m podcasting?


Noooooo. This is an Interview Series, not a podcast.

It turns out – that’s a distinction without a difference.

So yes, you can now subscribe to the Tao of Color Grading Interview Series via iTunes (thanks to the help from friends on Twitter). Here’s the link. But as I say on the main page for this series – I’ll be releasing these interviews on Tuesdays. Not every Tuesday. Just those Tuesdays when I have spoken with someone who has something to say.

And then, only if I recorded it.

I hope this series turns out as well as I imagine it will. At the very least I can say: I tried.

– pi