June 15: NYC Seminar

The Tao of Color Grading: Featuring the Euphonix MC Color Control Surface and Apple’s Color

Date: June 15, 2010

Time: 11a – 1p

Location: B & H Photo, Event Space, 2nd Floor

Registration: http://bit.ly/dACoFg

Open your mind and allow Colorist Patrick Inhofer to share insights and techniques he’s acquired over a decade of color correcting with non-linear software. Learn how to evaluate, improve, and add emotional impact to moving images across multiple software packages. The Tao of Color Grading combines real-world grading examples with color theory and physical truths about the human vision system. Renew your understanding of important concepts such as bit depth, lossy vs lossless codecs, and how to manage those codecs. Patrick will discuss how ProRes and devices like the AJA KiPro can help you maintain the quality of your images throughout the finishing pipeline. You’ll witness a clear demonstration of working with a control surface. Using the Euphonix MC Color Patrick will show how a control surface results in faster grading sessions while increasing the quality of the finished product.