Tao of Color Announces a New Website: MixingLight.com

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Can you imagine…

…A website that covers a broad swath of the craft of color correction? Plug-ins for NLEs. Pre-production tips for DPs and Directors. Workflow suggestions for small productions staffed by do-it-all creatives. Analysis of the latest graphics cards.

Have you searched YouTube, Vimeo, blogs and podcasts for those kinds of tips, finding a few gems in a mass of sub-standard advice and even worse audio or picture quality?

Luckily over the past few years, through blog posts and User Group presentations, Twitter and training websites – and yes, a really awesome Weekly Newsletter – the pain of finding quality timely information is slowly being alleviated as more pros share their ideas and experience. But we’ve got much further to travel.

Today, the Tao of Color is proud to announce the next step in that progression:

The launch of a companion website: MixingLight.com!

MixingLight.com: 50 miles wide, 10 Feet down… Monthly

MixingLight.com is a stand-alone monthly membership-based website that’s a natural supplement to the TaoOfColor.com. Where the Tao takes a very few subjects and dives into deep detail – Mixing Light will cover a huge array of color grading topics and present them in much more digestible bits.

MixingLight.com will launch in 2Q2013 and is a partnership between colorists Robbie Carman, Patrick Inhofer and Dan Moran.

Mixing Light is geared to the multi-role creative who has become aware of how a solid color grade by a trained professional can massively increase the quality (Production Value) of the final projects they create. Mixing Light will cover the entire craft: Technique. Software and workflow. Hardware and gear. From that which is timeless to that which always seems to be ever-changing.

Mixing Light will present these topics to its members in the form of Articles, Podcasts and Video tutorials – with a protected forum allowing working professionals to have frank discussions away from the prying eyes of our clients. Mixing Light will foster a supportive community that’s always on-the-ready to figure out whatever funky new codec, gear, workflow or software our vendors are throwing our way; plus whatever hot new ‘thing’ our clients think they suddenly need to have.

And how does this differ from what Tao of Color is already doing?

Tao of Color: 50 feet wide, 10 miles down

The TaoOfColor.com is designed to take one aspect of color grading and go in-depth on it. We take one topic, 50 feet across, and dig 10 miles down examining every strata of sediment we come along – carbon-dating it, analyzing it, teaching it… so that you can do the same, replicating our workflow until one day you own it, you modify it, you master it.

For instance, our Grade-Along takes a 7 minute short film… and turns that into 10 hours of sit-next-to-a-colorist-and-ask-questions-as-he-grades training! Like I said, 50 feet across, 10 miles down.

The thing that’s been missing from the Tao is a broader view. A more generalist approach to Color Grading.

That’s where Mixing Light fits in. It’s not a replacement to the Tao. It’s a broadening of the Tao. In a very secret place in my heart, I really hope that Mixing Light is where film and video pros will develop a love for color grading… and then jump to the Tao for some really deep, lose-an-entire-weekend type of training.

At this point you may be wondering, who is crazy enough to attempt this madness – on a monthly basis, no less?

Who Is MixingLight.com?

If you think Mixing Light sounds like a LOT of work. You’re right. It is. Which is why it’s taken me almost 4 years to find the right partners to launch a montly membership site like MixingLight.com. There’s no way a single person could achieve such a lofty goal.

I couldn’t be prouder (frankly, I feel amazingly lucky) to introduce you to the MixingLight.com creative team (listed by alphabetical order, full bios at the end of this blog post):

Robbie Carman

Robbie Carman: Co-founder, MixingLight.com

Robbie Carman: Co-founder, MixingLight.com

Robbie is one of the hardest working colorists I know. Partner in Amigo Media, he runs a finishing shop in Washington DC . From series to political spots to documentaries and indie features, he’s got the chops and the experience to talk authoritatively about the craft. He’s also a gear-head and always kits his room out with the latest gear – and loves talking about what works and what doesn’t. On top of that he’s a prolific author, trainer and speaker. If I get my way, one series that Robbie will do for Mixing Light is ‘The Business of Time Management’. Seriously, I don’t know how he fits it all into a day.


Patrick Inhofer

Patrick Inhofer

Patrick Inhofer: Co-founder, MixingLight.com

That’s me, Founder of this website and owner of my own grading / finishing boutique: Fini.tv. Like Robbie, I have a strong background in online finishing (having transitioned from online editor to colorist). I’ve gone from color grading on tape (using Setup, Gain, Chroma and Hue knobs) to grading in NLEs and finally in dedicated grading apps and delivering to broadcast / cable television and the indie film circuit. I’m not a gear head  (not compared to Robbie) but I’m huge on workflows that require moving projects between multiple software apps. I’m also a control surface junkie.


Dan Moran

Dan Moran: Co-founder, MixingLight.com

Dan Moran: Co-founder, MixingLight.com

If Robbie and I are the Old Hands of this team, then Dan is the Young Gun. He’s an intuitive colorist and creative artist who has taken full advantage of some amazing opportunities and has the pulse of upcoming trends. Where Robbie and I make a living using DaVinci Resolve… Dan made a living working for DaVinci as a worldwide Resolve demo artist and trainer. He now grades spots and films for one of London’s hottest houses. You can bet he’ll be riffing off Resolve tutorials. He’ll also be taking the lead in MixingLight’s podcasting series – with his passion in talking to others about the craft. He’ll also be widening his view on other high-end color grading kits… and taking us all along for the ride.

MixingLight.com: The Roadmap

Mixing Light will be going into private beta around February 2013. In April (right around NAB) we’ll be going live. Yes, we have a ton of work ahead of us to get this thing off the ground. And we couldn’t be more excited about it! Between the three of us we’ll be splitting the monthly tasks of delivering consistently top-notch color correction education and training. We’ll also be tapping each of our own personal networks of successful creatives to contribute to Mixing Light on a monthly basis.

If this sounds interesting to you – head on over to MixingLight.com right now! Sign up for our Launch Newsletter – which will be delivered about twice a month until we launch. It’ll keep you up-to-date on how the launch is going, while also allowing us to deliver tips, tricks, podcasts and videos that will be representative of what we have planned for Mixing Light. And if you sign up for the Newsletter, there’s a good chance you’ll be invited into the Beta cycle – before we go live.

Or, you can sign up right here:

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MixingLight.com: Full Bios

Robbie Carman

Robbie Carman is a professional colorist and co-owner of Amigo Media LLC a finishing boutique located in the Washington, DC area with a focus on broadcast television and independent film finishing. Robbie has 15 years of experience grading, including hundreds of programs for many of the Discovery Network channels, National Geographic, PBS, MSNBC and others. He counts technical problem solving and client communication amongst his strengths.

Robbie has co-authored many books including: Final Cut Pro Workflows: The Independent Studio Handbook with Jason Osder, From Still to Motion A Photographers Guide To Creating Video With Your DSLR with Richard Harrington, Jim Ball, and Matt Gottshalk and An Editor’s Guide To Adobe Premiere Pro (1st and 2nd Editions) with Richard Harrington and Jeff Greenberg. See all Robbie’s books on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/TM2BZK

In addition to writing,  Robbie has also contributed as the technical editor to some popular books including – Alexis Van Hurkman’s Apple Pro Training Series: The Encyclopedia of Color Correction for Final Cut Pro, The Apple Pro Training Series: Color by David Gross and Michael Wohl and The Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro 7 Quick Reference by Brendan Boykin.

Robbie has also authored many courses on Lynda.com focusing on color correction and editing. View Robbie’s Lynda.com training here: http://bit.ly/UGQ3ax

In addition to color grading and writing work, Robbie is also an Adobe and Apple Certified Instructor. He speaks regularly at conferences such as NAB, IBC,  The Editors Retreat, The NY Post Production conference, and GV Expo.

Patrick Inhofer

Patrick Inhofer is a professional colorist / finisher and owner of the New Jersey-based boutique Fini.tv. He’s a 23-year veteran of the New York City post-production community. Patrick takes his experience working at high-end full-service post houses and delivers those same services to low- and mid- budget productions, bringing them high-quality workflows at competitive prices.

Patrick has worked on films, documentaries, television series, corporate videos, promos, and ID packages for a range of clients ranging from broadcast / cable networks, to indie films making the festival circuit, to corporate giants. He’s worked with directors Barry Levinson (more than once) and Bruce Sinofsky. Other clients include: HBO, NBC, ABC, Showtime, ESPN, Oxygen, AMC, Lifetime, TNT, TBS, National Geographic Channel, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, AOL, TV One, Virgin Records, Astralwerks…

Patrick’s first worked on Avid Media Composer as an Assistant Editor on HBO’s ‘The Babysitter’s Club’ in 1991. His first freelance gig in 2001 was to color correct a food documentary using Avid Media Composer’s ‘Levels’ filter (a practice he does not recommend!). He founded his first post-production boutique in 2002 and is currently the Owner / Colorist at Fini.tv, Inc.

He began teaching color correction standing before the New York Final Cut Pro Users Group in 2005 (where he subsequently became its Treasurer and, later, President). In 2010 Patrick founded the software agnostic color grading website TaoOfColorGrading.com and recently published the 100th edition of his free weekly email newsletter ‘The Tao Colorist’; which focuses on the Art, Craft and Business of professional color grading.

Patrick is also an Adjunct Professor at Hofstra University teaching Digital Color Correction for Television. He contributed to the book Color Grading with Avid Media Composer and Symphony 6 by Bryan Castle.

Dan Moran

Irish Colorist Dan Moran is based at Smoke & Mirrors London and is the ultimate DaVinci Resolve geek. His excellent technical knowledge and creative eye earned him a place as a colorist at one of the top post production facilities in London. His obsession with colors began in Photography which quickly evolved into the world of moving pictures and he started in Video Post Production in 2006. He began grading long form, commercials and features at The Element Dublin.

In 2010 Dan joined Blackmagic Design as their DaVinci Resolve Application Specialist and toured the world giving grading demos and training users. While working at Blackmagic Design Dan had the unique opportunity to work with and learn from some of the worlds top colorists and applies this knowledge to his work today.

Dan is currently focusing on commercial and music video grading. He has graded promos for Plan B, Wretch 32, Labrinth, Thorunn Antonia, Bell x1

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