Interview: Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton – Bloody Cuts

Part 1: “Practicing Your Craft”

The ‘Tao of Color’ podcast lurches back to life this week!

Join me as I talk with the two raving lunatics behind the Horror Anthology website, BloodyCuts! Yes, we all make it out of the podcast alive – but not after discussing what drives these up-and-coming filmmakers.

At the start of this podcast I also drop an announcement about a joint venture between Tao of Color and BloodyCuts – to bring you some cutting edge training. If you have the stomach for it, scroll down to listen to the podcast!

Ben Franklin Headshot

Ben Franklin: Director, ‘Dead Man’s Lake’ and Founder / Show Runner ‘BloodyCuts’

Interview: Benjamin Franklin

Ben is a producer on the popular web series “Bloody Cuts”, a 13 part horror anthology that can be found at As a Director of Post Production by day, Ben has worked in video production for over 7 years as both and editor and colorist.

But his love for filmmaking was piqued in early 2011 when he and a few filmmaker friends (and family) found some success in one of the biggest short film competitions in the world. Using that as a launch pad for Bloody Cuts, Ben has managed to assemble a collective that’s since been covered by most major filmmaking websites, received sponsorship from top industry companies such as Millennium FX, and audience figures of over 100k. The team have also recently received an international film award from and are seeing their work played at some of the biggest festivals in the world.

As the series comes to its midpoint, Ben’s commitment to it has seen him take on many different roles within their productions, demonstrated most recently when he took the Director’s chair for “Dead Man’s Lake”.

You can find Ben at:

Anthony Melton Photo

Anthony Melton – Editor, ‘Dead Man’s Lake’ & Digital Producer, ‘’

Interview: Anthony Melton

Anthony Melton is the Digital Producer for Bloody Cuts Films; a 13 part anthology created for the love and tradition of horror.  Being a multidisciplinary creative he designs and develops the Bloody Cuts website and brand, generates supporting digital material; including the behind the scenes films, and now assists in the overall production of the series.

Starting with Dead Mans Lake Anthony has been part of the Assistant Direction team and is heading towards Directing his own episode of Bloody Cuts. On Dead Man’s Lake Anthony performed 2nd AD duties and was the lead Editor. He also provided supporting visual FX work and Motion Graphics.

When Anthony is not hooked to his digital “Lamantation Box” for Bloody Cuts, he works for LAW Creative: a marketting communications agency in Hertfordshie and London. You can follow Anthony on twitter @AnthonyMelton and hear him host the Bloody Cuts podcast here:

You can find Anthony at:

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Spoiler Alert! There’s a spoiler about 40 minutes into this conversation. If you haven’t already, go ahead and watch the 8-minute short horror film, ‘Dead Man’s Lake’ before listening: Dead Man’s Lake

Want to color correct this short film? Check out Tao of Color’s Grade-Along Series.

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