First Look: Tangent Element

Say Hello to the 'Tangent Element' Colorist Control Surface

The ‘Tangent Element’ is the newest colorist control surface on the market and just started shipping about 3 weeks ago.

The Tao of Color visited our good friends at The Studio – B & H,  the professional video division located inside B & H Photo in New York City, to get our hands on this surface and give it a test drive in DaVinci Resolve.

The Studio-B&H’s Michel Suissa and Tao of Color’s Patrick Inhofer also offer up some buying advice.


UPDATE 1: I’ve been informed that for DaVinci Resolve, the Buttons panel (Bt) and the Knobs panel (Kb) must be purchased together. One panel won’t work without being paired with the other panel.


Topics covered include:

  • Physical size versus the Tangent Wave
  • Portability
  • Functionality vs. Wave in DaVinci Resolve
  • Live demo – with DaVinci Resolve
  • Overall Impressions
  • Buying advice for Resolve colorists
  • Buying advice for Scratch ad Scratch Lab colorists

If you want to buy the Tangent Element, scroll down below the video and click on the banner. Your price stays the same but you’ll be supporting this website.

• And here’s the Tangent Element homepage

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Comments are open. Feel free to let us know what you think of the Element or if you have any other questions you’d like answered.




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