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Versions, Sessions, and The Media Pool

Wait a second… hasn’t this MasterClass covered all this material already? Versioning was shown, in action, when talking about the Still Store. Sessions? That topic has been beaten to death. And we already know that ‘if it’s not in the Media Pool it’s not in Resolve’.

What’s going on here? Why are we talking about all three of these topics again?

Well – there’s a method to my madness. We’ve dealt with each of these topics individually helping us understand the underlying concepts. But DaVinci Resolve has a way of tying these three topics into something where, as they say, the Sum is greater than Parts. And this isn’t more true than when discussing how multiple Sessions (ie: Timelines) can inherit the grades from other Sessions in the same Project.

One Project. Multiple Timelines. Sharing Grades.

When you create grades (and multiple versions of a shot), those grades can ‘ripple through’ and be shared with other sessions / timelines.  It seems like a magical / mystical thing and inquiring minds will want to know how this works… that’s what this Lesson is all about.

But we also dig a little deeper…

Remote vs Local Grades

Here’s a few concepts that also confused me for a long time:

  • What’s this option for a Local Version?
  • Why does Resolve default to the Remote Version?
  • Should I use the Local version or the Remote version?
  • Why doesn’t the Master Session have a ‘Remote Version’ option?

The Master Session

At this point in the MasterClass you may even be asking yourself:

  • What the heck is the purpose of a ‘Master Session’?
  • Why can’t we work in Resolve without a Master Session being created?

The Unifying Theory

It turns out the answer to all the above questions is simple:

The Master Session is the linchpin that allows Resolve to automatically share the grades of previously graded shots between multiple timelines, simultaneously.

And for those times when we don’t want our grades shared between Sessions, there’s Remote & Local Versions.

Detour: Grouping Shots

Finally, in this Lesson we’ll take a quick look at Grouping, how it differs from Linked shots, and if you can use Versions within Groups.

Lesson Objectives

By the end of this Lesson you should be able to:

  • Confidently decide if you want to create a Local or Remote Session
  • Understand Batch Link and Batch Unlink commands
  • Create, manipulate, and delete Groups – understanding when you might want to create (and then destroy) them and how they differ from Linked shots.
  • Understand the true purpose of the Master Session
Week 2 Lesson 4 Assets

For those who are playing along (and to get the most from this training you should be ‘playing along’) you’ll need to download this XML:

  • Download the W2L4 InTents Cut-Down XML (Paid Members Only)

If you misplaced Week 1’s QuickStart XML here’s the download:

  • Download the W1L3 Quickstart XML (Paid Members Only)

Additional Reading

One feature I overlooked in this Lesson is ‘Batch Copy’. It’s a very nifty feature and in his blog Alexis Van Hurkman does a fantastic job covering how to use ‘Batch Copy’ in conjunction with Remote and Local Versions. Before you read this blog post I first recommend watching this Lesson.

Questions and Discussions:

  • The Week 2 discussion forum is here. Join the conversation! (available only to Paid Members)

Week 2, Lesson 4: Desktop / iPad Download (33 minutes)

Lesson 4: Watch the High-Quality Streaming Version

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