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The ‘Net Is Full of Noise, I’m Your “Color Grading” Filter

I work hard to notice all sorts of interesting little tidbits, news items, and links related to the art, craft, and business of professional color grading. As I run into them I quickly save them off. At the end of the week I read, watch, and listen to everything I found interesting – and curate the best of it to send to you.

If you don’t have time to keep up on all the news you want (or need) to know, then I’m happy to lift this little burden off your shoulders.

I don’t remember if this has made it to the list yet, but you all might
think about subscribing to this newsletter-ish thing (it’s free). . .

It’s Colorist-centered in a FCP/Color/Resolve sort of way, but it also
serves as a highlight reel of the video/film-centric links that are making
the rounds in the social media forums.

-Dave T. (via Avid DS Mailing List)

One of the most informative newsletters ever! Great article by Stephen. Learned a lot from that. Thanks!”

– Bob P.

My feedback is, “Don’t Stop!” Brilliant newsletter, always filled with informative articles. Thank you for your contribution to our craft.”

– Blake B.

Stay In ‘The Know’ and Ahead of Your Competition

Twitter, Facebook, dozens of blogs, Google Alerts, even software updates on colorist control surfaces… I’m on it. I try to curate the most interesting tweets, posts, news items, and (yes) humor… and deliver it to your email every Sunday morning – first thing in the morning.

Sit down in your favorite comfy chair, pull out that laptop or iPad, fill up your coffee mug and get lost in the data stream.

Full Attribution

The cool thing – I give full attribution to my sources of information. So go ahead and follow, bookmark, friend, or add to your RSS feeds the sources I scour. That’s what the Tao is about – sharing of knowledge and sources of information.

And if you find (or are) a website I should be linking to, a blog I should be following, email me and I’ll put it on my radar.

Not Overwhelming

I understand: Sunday Mornings should be special.

As a result, I try to be relentless in bringing you the best of the best. I work hard to keep the Newsletter focused on our craft – though I’ll deviate if something seems particularly interesting.

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Some of the Tao Colorist Newsletter regular features:

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