The Cheapest Colorist Control Surface EVER!

Colorist Josh Petok

(This is a guest post by Colorist Josh Petok)

A colorist once said using a mouse is like “drawing with a potato.” That was my motivation for buying a Magic Trackpad. When using DaVinci Resolve, Power Windows are one of the strongest tools in your arsenal. I found that using the Magic Trackpad gave me speed and efficiency, as well as taking up much less space. However, that was only the beginning.

I found a utility called BetterTouchTool which allows you to link keyboard shortcuts to gestures like: 3 finger swipe up, pinch out, four finger tap, and over 60 others. In this tip, I will show how to map your own gestures, as well as how I use them within DaVinci Resolve to make your grading faster and more streamlined.

Josh Petok is a Colorist who helps reality shows look their absolute best. From his beginnings on “The Surreal Life,” he strives to intensify drama or comedy while still keeping the presence and authenticity of reality tv. Completing work on his 47th show, Josh is continually learning and developing new methods for enhancing the shows that he works on. You can find Josh on his homepage, his blog The Current Cut, and – of course – Josh can be found on Twitter.

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