Prerendering and DaVinci Resolve

Resolve 10 Mother Died Training Banner

The new banner for the Members side of our ‘Mother Died: The Grade-Along’ color correction training (featuring DaVinci Resolve 10)

Here at Tao HQ we’ve been busy little Elves getting our new Color Correction training ready.

Earlier this week I shared the opening remarks I make from the first few minutes of Lesson 1: Getting Started and Preparing for Color Correction. Today I want to share 10 minutes of the video Exercise 1: Conforming and Pre-Rendering.

What is Pre-Rendering?

Pre-Rendering is a term I use to solve a problem that happens rarely—but when it does happen it can completely kill your delivery schedule, causing you to blow deadlines (and potentially lose clients).

Like all my other color correction ‘rituals’, the Pre-Render ritual was born out of the ashes of a disaster. And the pre-render was my solution to make sure this disaster never strikes again. Of course, software being software, there’s nothing we can do to be 100% sure that an app won’t crash at the most inopportune moment… but the Pre-Render workflow is designed to find a specific workflow bug and squash it.

Below is a 10 minute excerpt from Tao of Color’s upcoming Grade-Along (featuring DaVinci Resolve). Not only do I explain why I pre-render… I walk you through the process. I think it’s a pretty good example of what you’ll get out of Mother Died: The Grade-Along, when it’s finally released.

In This Video

  • What is ‘pre-rendering’?
  • An quick overview of DaVinci Resolve’s ‘Deliver’ tab
  • Setting our .r3d debayer settings
  • Where Resolve places auto-generated XMLs and AAFs
  • How to generate your own XML and AAF


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